ANDRA divisional elections completed

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 As required by the ANDRA Constitution, “half elections” are held annually in each Division for Delegate positions on the six Divisional Councils. At the same time each year, elections are conducted for three of the six Division Director positions. In 2010, this occurred formally in South Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia. In Northern Australia, a Division Director election was necessary with the resignation of David Barrett in 2009.

This year, based on the number of nominations after they closed, elections for the positions of Division Director and Divisional Council Delegates were required in the New South Wales Division only.
 In Victoria/Tasmania there were 2 nominations for 5 positions. Neil Hendry and Paul Rogers were re-appointed.
 In South Queensland there were 3 nominations for 4 positions. Glenn Anderson, Wayne Downes and Shayne Homes were re-appointed. Christine Steffens was re-appointed as Division Director.
 In Northern Australia there were 5 nominations for 5 positions. One of those was Ash Hamblin, who was appointed as Division Director. Ross Bryant, Steve Gay and Phil Otto were re-appointed, and Alan Flanagan was appointed.
 In Western Australia there were 5 nominations for 5 positions. Malcolm Bulley, Rhett Cooper Fowle and Nick Gardiner were re-appointed. Andrew Frost and Aaron Gregory were appointed.
 In South Australia there were 4 nominations for 4 positions. Anguel Athanasov, Corey Armstrong and Mitch Johnson were re-appointed. Michael Harvey was appointed. Harry White was re-appointed as Division Director.
 In New South Wales, there were 3 nominations for the position of Division Director and 10 nominations for the 4 Delegate spots available. One of the Division Director nominations was also withdrawn at the last minute. Anne Fowler, Mal Gower, Margaret Hartill-Law and John Ward were appointed as Delegates. Rick Gauci was elected as Division Director, replacing Steve Stanley.

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