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ANDRA has unveiled its latest promotional tool and no one will miss this one. A semi trailer has been spectacularly decked out to serve as a mobile base of operations, amongst other things, and will tour the country delivering an outstanding presence for ANDRA.

The trailer started life as a mobile library, it features three slide outs to expand the rooms inside, it will have a meeting area and work stations though the fit out of these still has to take place.

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The main usage for the trailer is to provide a common place for racers to engage ANDRA at events and talk in a relaxed and professional environment. It will also be a spot for corporates to relax, a base for merchandise and be a roadshow for pre-event promotion.

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The mobile head quarters will not be limited to just these purposes, the idea was to keep the trailer flexible so it can be used for many things. ANDRA has long needed some infrastructure like this to enhance presence at events and give racers something they can be proud to show sponsors and be a part of through their membership.

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