ANDRA licence fees receive shuffle

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ANDRA will be changing its fee structures for the new financial year with membership fees and Group One licences increasing but the cost of Super Street and Junior Dragster licences falling.

Membership will go up to $100 from $80, while Group One licences will be increased by 10% (from $1500 to $1650 we presume, not having the figures at hand).

The good news is an the entry level with a 15% drop for both Super Street and Junior Dragster.

ANDRA CEO Malcolm Bulley said said it was the first time in about four years that licence fees have been altered.

“This is not only to keep pace with the market but to achieve a level of differentiation and strategic advantage which will benefit all stakeholders and put our niche Motorsport firmly on the agenda for consumers and corporates alike,” he said.

“The revised position keeps fee increases to a minimum while the distribution of costs better represents the ever-changing needs and deliverables of our membership.”


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