ANDRA National Control Council identifies goals and strategies

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On the weekend of July 10th and 11th, 2010, the National Control Council of ANDRA (NCC) came together for a Strategic and Structural Planning workshop.

The primary objectives were to develop ANDRA’s future strategic framework and structural needs for the next three to five years. ANDRA has long recognised the need to move to a formal national organisation, reflecting the current status of ANDRA Drag Racing in Australia and providing the best conduit for future growth, and representation of its members.

The NCC strategic framework concentrated on the core attributes of what ANDRA is and what it aspires to be. Member Services and Process Excellence were identified as essential areas in which the organisation must excel.

With a common goal of strengthening the bond between all stakeholders and delivering a common focus, ANDRA reaffirmed the need to move to a National Company as opposed to an Association Incorporated in South Australia.

With a full contingent, the NCC addressed issues and hurdles which have in their eyes restricted ANDRA from achieving the primary goal of “Being the most recognised and respected Motorsport Body in Australia”.

NCC members jointly identified the need for ANDRA and Drag Racing Australia Group Ltd (DRAG Ltd) to build stronger levels of transparency and trust to ensure their common goal is achieved in the most effective and efficient manner possible. Open and frank discussions were held regarding the needs of all stakeholders, and actionable outcomes were achieved. It was recognised by all as a very positive outcome and one which will continue to develop.

In 2004 ANDRA formed a project group to research and develop a proposal which would take ANDRA forward as a National Entity. This reflected the national participation and focus of the sport while enabling the organisation to evolve into a true national entity. Little has changed since that time, the target being consistent with the overall goals and objectives of the initial group.

With the evolution and commercialisation of ANDRA Drag Racing in Australia, ANDRA has reinforced the need for a professional national entity, being a Company Limited by Guarantee (the guarantee being a nominal amount confirmed by each and every member of the organisation).

ANDRA will retain it’s ‘Not for Profit’ status, operating under the Corporations Act 2001 as an unlisted public company.  As a National Company Limited by Guarantee we will not have traditional shareholders, remaining a member based organisation.

This organisation will be represented by a new board of directors bringing skills and capabilities which will enable ANDRA to achieve new benchmarks in sporting governance, safety and reputation. Core capabilities from the drag racing community and independent professional services will be engaged to form ANDRA’s board structure.

ANDRA Divisions and ANDRA Members around the country will be well represented by three directors selected from the six Divisional Directors at that time. Two additional Directors will also be selected by the existing Australian Drag Racing Promoters Association (ADRPA) representing major and regional ANDRA Member Tracks. This combined group will further select two ‘independent’ directors, who will be identified according to desirable capabilities needed to meet the organisation’s current and future needs.

The process will include multiple levels of member engagement and communication to ensure the future strategic direction of ANDRA continues to reflect the needs and aspirations of its members. Regular communication with members will be a crucial part of the process and more detail will be made available as it is ratified.

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