ANDRA Pro Series back in Sydney

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Top Fuel and Top Alcohol resume their championship battles this weekend at Sydney Dragway in the ANDRA Pro Series.

Drag News has consulted with Gamblor (time to snatch your mother from his neon claws) for his tips on who will win. Not to be taken too seriously, and if you think a team should be ranked higher or lower, tell us why in the comments section!

Top Fuel

Phil Lamattina – 2-1
The Fuchs team has had a run of bad luck at Sydney and despite a semi finals finish at the Nationals they performed consistently. We predict the cycle to end at this event and put the team in a good position in the championship.

Phil Read – 3-1
Phil Read was unlucky at the Nationals after top qualifying only to have mechanical gremlins in round one. Can he keep it together this time?

Martin Stamatis – 4-1
The reigning champion is always a threat and has enjoyed good form in Sydney over the last few years. Can he and crew chief Rob Cavagnino put the team back in the headlines?

Andrew Cowin – 6-1
The Cowin family has been testing between rounds to find a good baseline for the still new team. Consistency remains a concern but outright pace is clear and present for the Rocket-ship.

Damien Harris – 6-1
You might be surprised we have put newbie Damien Harris in on the same odds as the Cowin family team. But with some good brains in this team including Paul Shackleton and Tim Adams and perhaps a conservative approach they are going to be a dark horse.

Darren Morgan – 8-1
What is Gamblor thinking? The winner of the opening round at 8-1? Darren Morgan’s AEG Powertools team has been struggling with the top end of the track lately and we’re worried this could affect them again. But if their engine issues are resolved then some smart money could be laid down on the team!

Bob Shepherd – 11-1
And now here’s the Nationals runner up! Bob Shepherd has found a consistent tune up for his dragster it would seem, but always needs some luck on his side as he doesn’t have the outright performances of the big budget teams. But one thing is for sure, when Bob wins there will be no bigger party.

Terry Sainty – 15-1
The All-Australian Top Fuel team made the semi finals at the Nationals, we’d like to see some more consistency before backing them in though.

Luke Shepherd – 20-1
Failing to qualify at the Nationals, Luke Shepherd will be hoping the John Mancini dragster can find some pace to make the field this weekend.

Top Alcohol

Aaron Hambridge – 2-1
The winner of the Castrol Winternationals and the Fuchs Nationals is our top pick here. Hambridge is on a good streak at the moment and following that astonishing 5.51 in Sydney, he can even afford to be safe on the lights to take his wins.

Gary Phillips – 3-1
Never one to remain in the wilderness too long, Phillips has been unlucky to go out early in recent rounds of the championship. But the Australian champion knows what it takes to go 5.5 and match it with Hambridge.

Wayne Newby – 3-1
Another good Sydney performer, Newby just needs to make sure the shakes are cured from the JBS dragster. His PB 5.57 at the Nationals has elevated him in Gamblor’s eyes.

Steven Ham – 5-1
Steven Ham rocked the Top Alcohol world last year when he ran a 5.5 in the Mobil Funny Car, but since then has struggled to find consistency. Maybe some fiddling handling wise could help this car find its sweet spot.

Debbie Reed – 7-1
Debbie Reed is one of just a few active lady racers in the ANDRA Pro Series. She commonly outraces husband Steve and if we were putting our money down we would say she is at good odds.

Rick Gauci – 8-1
NSW DD Rick Gauci is not far away from getting things very right with his Funny Car. He is rapidly gaining experience and has the pace to put a cat amongst the pigeons.

Steve Reed – 8-1
Part of a super tight second half of the field, Steve Reed is one of the veterans of Top Alcohol and could surprise us.

Paul Madill – 15-1
One of the most spectacular looking cars anywhere in the country, can Madill put some racing cred into his account? He advanced through the first round courtesy of Gary Phillips crossing the centreline at the Nationals.

Drag News reminds readers there are several ways to get in cheaply to the racing this weekend.
Two days passes are available for $50 if you want to see both Saturday and Sunday.
If you want to just go to the one day then Auto One are the best option, selling discount tickets for $26.80 per day.
Alternatively if you happen to be eating at McDonald’s then some restaurants have tray mats with $5 discounts for any ticket for Sydney Dragway.
The last, and cheapest way, is to be female and be at the track on Sunday and get in for free.

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