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The Australian National Drag Racing Association wishes to provide the following update to its membership on the ongoing recruitment process for a new Chief Executive Officer.

“ANDRA has advertised extensively for the CEO role, and were pleased to receive 32 applications from within Australia and a further 15 from overseas, for a total of 47 high-quality applications,” ANDRA Caretaker CEO, Ian Brown, said.

“From this pool of 47 applicants, the ANDRA board has shortlisted eight applicants and split the Board into two panels for the purpose of conducing the interview process, to ensure all board members were involved.

“Board member panel one has conducted the first round of interviews with six applicants (two withdrew their applications prior to interviews being conducted).

“The board is now in the process of reviewing the results of this first round of interviews and will compile a final list of two to three applicants for a second round of interviews.

“Board member panel two will conduct this second round of interviews next week (week beginning 22 May).

“The results of these second interviews will then be reviewed by the full board, who will then formulate their recommendation.

“The ANDRA Chairman will then make an official offer to the successful candidate.

“At such time that an offer is extended and formally accepted, ANDRA will be sure to update its membership regarding the appointment of our new CEO.”

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