ANDRA updates members on future sanctioning

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National championship drag racing continues to be left in limbo with ANDRA issuing a new email advising it may not sanction upcoming 400 Thunder events at Perth and Willowbank.

The email brings into play the delegation of drag racing control, regulation and supervision to ANDRA under CAMS, the FIA and the International Sporting Code.

ANDRA also stated is the owner of extensive intellectual property rights relating to the sport of drag racing in Australia including various registered and unregistered drag racing brands and the right to use the ANDRA Rule Book.

“No consent or authority to use those rights has been granted to APDR or 400 Thunder,” ANDRA said. Racers and fans of drag racing fans in Australia can be forgiven for feeling very confused right now.

A statement on August 12 from the 400 Thunder series claimed a successful meeting between members of the ANDRA board and the chairmen of the boards of the country’s three major race tracks had reached an in-principal agreement to collectively progress drag racing forward in Australia, which would see professional ANDRA Championship Drag Racing promoted by Australian Professional Drag Racing Ltd.

On the weekend’s East Coast Nationals and in lead up publicity, ANDRA Championship Drag Racing was not referred to at all by 400 Thunder. ANDRA did however award points from the racing.

But far from ANDRA Championship Drag Racing being promoted, the 400 Thunder Facebook page told one confused fan that “ANDRA’s decision to award points and trophies for this event while not wanting to be part of the 400 Thunder series is confusing, but remains a question for its management as to why, as does whether it will continue to do so for the remainder of the year.”

There was active division across the weekend. ANDRA pro Christmas Tree trophies had to be presented to racers individually in the pits and ANDRA staff were limited in their access to the tower.

The most dramatic shift could be yet to come with ANDRA stating that Perth Motorplex has applied for permits for their 2015/16 Group One regional championship events, which may not be granted.

“Whilst ANDRA wishes to support these events, it can only do so if those events will be conducted under the terms of the permit. Under the International Sporting Code and the terms of its CAMS delegation, ANDRA cannot sanction non-ANDRA events. ANDRA has advised Perth Motorplex that it is willing to provide permits for those events so long as the permit relates to the ANDRA Drag Racing Series and these events do not form part of a non-ANDRA series.

“Unless there is a significant change in circumstances, it is unlikely that permits will be provided to Perth Motorplex and Willowbank Raceway in the foreseeable future for any event that forms part of a non-ANDRA series.” ANDRA has also now released another calendar, including the completed Darwin and Sydney rounds, but without Perth, Willowbank or Sydney featuring again.


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