Angry Ant to bite in Super Street

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Last year Holly Odgers won Sydney Dragway’s Street Fighter Track Championship, while any track championship win is impressive, it is even more so in your rookie year – especially in class that, while it is suppose to be introductory, is loaded with some seasoned racers.

“It was pretty surreal to win being my first full year of racing,” said Odgers. “I didn’t have any expectations, I was just going to be happy if we raced all year and made it through a few rounds. I definitely did not expect to come out and win the championship, especially against people who had been racing for a very long time.”

Odgers comes from a drag racing family, father Wayne has raced for years and is currently competing in Modified Bike, so it was inevitable Odgers would one day zip up the fire suit.

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“Sounds cliche, but I have always wanted to race, ever since I was a little girl all I wanted to do was race. With out the help of my Mum and Dad I would have never won the championship especially with out my mum she is my number one support, and I was lucky enough to have her let me race her car last year.” she said.

Odgers found Street Fighter as the perfect class to help her ease into the sport.

“Street Fighter helped to build my confidence in my ability. Super Street is the next step, and closer to Super Sedan, and a 8 second car,” she said.

Odgers has no taken that next step and will compete in Super Street starting this weekend at round one of the Sydney Dragway Track Championship. Her weapon of choice has in pretty unique, and looks are certainly deceiving – a LS1 powered WRX.

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“It was my first car and I always said I wanted to put an LS in it. Everyone told me it wouldn’t fit and it would be too expensive and not worth it,” she said.

“I talked to my Dad about it and then we talked to Matt Lisle and took it down to his shop Mr Enforcer engineering, and we went from there. Between my Dad’s late nights at the shop and Matt’s work they had my engine and gearbox in and running with in a week. Then had a MAFless tune and fuel system upgrade, roll cage, seats, harness and all the other safety equipment needed to run Super Street. My mum then laid the carpet and helped put it all back together, so it still had the street car look to it which is what I wanted.”

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And the Angry Ant moniker? “Angry Ant is my nickname, I thought it would be fitting for my car as its little but angry with the LS in it,” she said.

Odger’s is already eyeing off plans to go quicker.

“Hoping to get it running low elevens, upgrade the internals, put a cam in it and maybe a turbo or two – hopefully one day running 8 seconds in super sedan,” she said.

You can check out Holly Odger’s Super Street debut tomorrow (Saturday, February 13) at round one of Sydney Dragway’s Atura Championship Series and it is free entry for everyone!

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