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Jeff Wilson has been having a tough time trying to tame his Corvette Top Doorslammer, check out what happened at the first Full Throttle Friday of the new year at Sydney Dragway.

The trial and tribulations of Wilson’s move into Top Doorslammer have been well documented with several accidents while trying to master these beasts. Recent performances in the 6.0 range looked to have the proverbial monkey off the back for Wilson, but it appears the racing gods still want to test Wilson’s resolve.

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On his first pass in the new year Wilson launched the Corvette which instantly started to head toward the centreline when it zinged the tyres and turned hard right, Wilson was quick to correct causing the car to tip up on its side and give the wall a solid nudge, but saving it from a much more serious head on impact.

It appears apart from a few scuff marks the car survived relatively fine.

Video by Fast Performance Videos

Images by Grant Stephens & Michael Wyllie –


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