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There is now officially only one Pro Street organisation in Australia, that being the Australian Pro Street Association (APSA).

The Queensland based ASCAR owned by Michael Gilbert better known as “Gup” has passed over the Pro Street reign he had to APSA.

The creation of ASCAR several years ago created a split in the Pro Street scene. Two sets of rules divided racers and events causing hostility in the scene with politics and stunting the growth of Pro Street

“This is the way it should be and that was one of the forces hindering the growth of Pro Street in Australia,” said John Habib, part APSA owner.

“This was one thing we all needed to happen to for growth and for racers to not be confused as to where to race.

“A lot of them were not even bothering to join because of the controversy and politics.

“This is a hobby and a lot of racers around Australia just want to have fun and race, that’s exactly what APSA is about, going fast and having fun Pro Street Style.” he said

The APSA was the founding association for Pro Street racing in Australia.

“We must not forget the many years of hard work and efforts of Mr Tony De-Fabio in running APSA and founding the Website which now receives 20,000 visits per month,” Habib said.

“Gup (Michael Gilbert) has now realised what we all have been doing to advance Pro Street in Australia. We hope will be working with us and still supporting Pro Street through his Powercruise events.

“If he is willing to support APSA then APSA is more than willing to support him at his events, this can only be good for all of us and the sport,” he said

APSA is now focused on getting shootout out events for its racers. Next event will be  at Willowbank Raceway on the 18th Sept for the 10.5 Outlaw Pro Street Shootout.


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