Australia’s quickest LS goes quicker again

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Sam Gullotto reset his own record for the quickest LS-powered car in Australia over the weekend in Perth with a 6.587 at 207mph.

The Diverse Shopfitters team ran the time in the quarter finals of the ANDRA Grand Finals on Sunday, where they would eventually take runner up.

But the weekend did not begin smoothly according to Gullotto.

“After Saturday Q1 we suffered transmision issues,” he said. “We pulled the box and ran down to Rocky at LSX Powertrains who smashed it out of the park getting done.

“We missed Q2 and went straight into Q3 where we had the car a little hot and unfortunately unloaded the tyres on the hit.”

With qualifying a bust, the team focused on getting back to form for eliminations. That they did with an early shut off 6.618, a new best for the car.

“Going into E1 with no passes, we pulled power out and hoped for the best. The car performed even though we were off it early,” Gullotto said.

But the second round was where the team brought the house down, clocking a 6.587, even though Gullotto was off the throttle a fraction before the finish line. The run was 1.015 to the 60 foot beams and 4.273/169.79mph at half track.

After a bye run in the semi finals the team headed to the final round against Kyle Putland where the dream came to an end for Gullotto.

“Unfortunately we had a boost line come off the blow off valve 0.8 seconds into the run which meant no power,” he said. “But after the Saturday we had, the weekend ended up going better than we first expected.”

The car is an ex-Pro Stock chassis owned by Sam, who joined forces with brother Lorenzo to transplant the potent Garrett GTX55-turbocharged LS3 V8 from his Drag Week-contesting Holden Commodore.

Check out the video of the run below. 

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