Australian Muscle Parts join DNA

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Drag News Australia have a new advertising partner, Australian Muscle Parts. AMP is Australian based company that has been manufacturing, distributing and warehousing high quality race engine components for the last 15 years.

Specialising in timing belt drive systems and billet timing chain sets and more recently the best sheet metal oil pans and valve covers on the market today, which are used by top race teams and engine builders across the USA & Australia.

AMP export the bulk of what they produce for the USA racing industry and have their own warehouse distribution facility in Southern California.

They have been a fixture at the PRI show in the USA with their own booth for over 13 years.

Their manufacturing and warehouse is based in Victoria, Australia.

Some of their Australian customers include Fabietti Racing, Lamattina Racing, JB Automotive, Ridgeway Racing, PRE Race Engines and many more.

Some of their USA customers include Carrol Shelby, TRE, Indy Cylinder Heads, Ray Barton Racing, Kuntz & Company, Mancini Racing plus others.

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