AUSTRALIAN RECORD: Barnett smashes 13B mark after epic repairs

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Steven Barnett’s Jamboree campaign did not start off the way he would have liked after putting his Mazda 6 into the wall on the first day of testing, but his fortunes have turned around big time.

Barnett and his team thrashed day and night to fix the car and were back for Friday’s final test day, where they hoped they would have a car running straight and true.

That they did, and then some, as Barnett smashed out a 6.530/202mph to move past Pac Performance’s 6.564 run from earlier this year. The run also makes Barnett’s car the seventh quickest 13B in the world.

Before the pass, Barnett said the car was ready to race again in a very short time following the accident. Damage was fortunately limited to the front and rear wheels, a bent chassis rail and panel damage.

“(The crash) was my fault, I stayed on it too long,” Barnett said. “It shook and it was going straight so I thought it would stay in it. (Twenty four hours later) the car is sitting here ready to race.”

Check out the video below!

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