Bad ass VZ unveiled

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Craig Hewitt finally has unveiled his Pro Street Blown-destined VZ Holden Monaro at the famed Summernats car show.

Hewitt has formerly raced a tough nitrous VL Holden Commodore in Pro Street which in itself was a work of art and a long time Summernats show car, but the seven second Walkinshaw-bodied ride had to make way for this stunning piece of machinery.

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Set for Pro Street Blown duties, but possibly dabbling in Outlaw 10.5 or Supercharged Outlaws, Hewitt’s Pro Fab-built VZ is powered by an alloy 501ci Hemi by APM, fitted with NRE billet heads topped off with a Kobelco Superman 14/71 high helix blower and backed by a two speed Powerglide. With that kind of hardware under the hood you know its going to be quick.

How quick? Well the record for Pro Street Blown is currently in the 6.6 second range, but with the gear on board Hewitt’s Monaro low sixes aren’t far away.

Testing is planned to start in February.



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