Barra attack

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Sydney’s Speedy Diff’s proprietor Jim Grillis has landed a new weapon for duties in the Sport Compact scene.

In a scene dominated by Rotaries and 2J’s, Grillis has purchased a Mustang that will be powered by a turbo Ford Barra 4 litre plant, a engine that has not seen much development in the sports more elite classes.

Grillis has been running a turbo Cortina in Super Sedan running a similar but less potent combination to the tune of low 8’s

The new car is an all fibre glass, twin rail full chassis 2007 Mustang purchased from New Jersey in the US, the car was running mid sixes with a big block set up at 2300Lbs

The Ford Barra bullet that will be dropped will have a estimated 2000 ponies with the aim for high sixes, certainly a car for those Ford fans to look out for.

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