Battle scars for doorslammer debut

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The debut of the JSS Racing/Megatilt Top Doorslammer driven by Sam Fenech was a rough one at Supernats on the weekend with the stunning Camaro finishing on its lid.

Following the purchase of the ex Paul Cannuli Camaro, the JSS Racing team have made the move to Top Doorslammer up from Outlaw 10.5 where they campaigned and dominated with a blown Grand Am.

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The spectacular appearing car made its on track debut at the Supernats being held at Sydney Dragway last weekend for a blower versus turbo doorslammer showdown, and during qualifying suffered some severe bouts of tyre shake.

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During the first round of racing the car shook again hard sending Fenech into a tank slapper he could not pull out of, and the Camaro went on a relative soft roll over before skidding too a stop.

Fenech was okay after extracting himself from an upside race car, with the car suffering some scrapes and bent bar work on the nose. We are sure the team will have the car repaired and back to Custom Bodyworks for another show car quality finish in no time.





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