Bektash belts out unofficial quickest and fastest Pro Stock pass

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Lee Bektash dropped a Mopar bomb on the Pro Stock field in pre-Nationals testing, running a 6.903 at 198mph to earn the title of quickest unofficial Pro Stock pass in Australian history.

B1EygHpCMAA4hh-With Bektash holding the honour of the quickest official run at 6.950, his testing form has revealed the massive potential of the Mopar team. It began with an earlier 6.935 before the stunning ‘ninety’.

Air conditions were far from ideal, leaving 6.8s and 200mph, a milestone previously thought years away, a distinct possibility. Bektash was quick to thank his engine builder Bob Book and all the others who have helped him along the way.

β€œI made a statement not long ago I want to be the first in the 6.80s and maybe 200mph and these guys are helping travel along my journey,” he said. β€œIt’s lonely up here in the 6.90 zone but hey, Neil Armstrong didn’t feel as good as me and the Mopar/Fiat Chrysler Team right now.”

Bektash will take on 15 other Pro Stock teams this weekend at Sydney Dragway.


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