Bektash Looks back at a year of missed opportunities

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Lee Bektash Looks back at a year of missed opportunities but looks to make the 2011/12 season one to remember.

In what could be described as one of those seasons you could possibly forget, the driver of the Mopar Dodge Pro Stocker chose to only look at the positives to come out of last season.

“We had some issues throughout the year but we are getting on top of those and we know we have one of the baddest cars out there (that was proven with the 2 quickest runs all season), With some minor improvements we made during the off season we feel the car will go plenty of rounds and hopefully contend for the ANDRA Championship”.

The team has kicked off the new season in style however with Mopar Australia resigning for another 2 years. “The Mopar folks are a big Family and Rob Moorcroft has been a big supporter of ours since they partnered with us a couple of years ago” Lee added. Lee has also added 2 new marketing partners to the team with Retreat Caravans and Red Line Oil.

“I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Retreat Caravans and Red Line Oils for becoming associated with my race team. Retreat Caravans will make our lives a little easier on the road and Redline Oil will keep the engine lubricated on those low 7 second passes,” said Lee Bektash, team owner and driver.

After the Mopar Rumble in July the team pulled the motor from the car and sent it to Rick Watters Race Engines for a freshen and some changes that could see them running the first 6 second pass in Pro Stock Competition for the 2011/2012 season.

“You need to have three ingredients to put together a race winning recipe, a great car, a great team and a little bit of luck. I have a great car and I know full well that I have a great team, we just need that little bit of luck, but in saying that I have the gut feeling that things are going to go our way this season, starting next weekend at the Fuchs Lubricants Australian Nationals.,” remarked Bektash.

Lee adds that it’s not about being the best, however, the most consistent behind the wheel.

“Look at the likes of Aaron Tremayne who has won the championship for the past four years in a row. Aaron hasn’t had the quickest or the fastest car, yet he has been the most consistent on the start line. We need to take a leaf out of Aaron’s book should we have the desire to win the 2011/2012 ANDRA Pro Series Championship”.

Be sure to witness Lee Bektash and his MOPAR Dodge Pro Stocker do battle at the 2011/2012 Fuchs Lubricants Australian Nationals – September 9th – 11th – Sydney Dragway, Ferrers Road, Eastern Creek.

Lee Bektash would like to personally thank sponsors:

– MOPAR Australia (incorporating MOPAR, Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge) – – Rob Moorcroft
– VP Racing Fuels Australia – John Agasi
– Global Group – Traffic Control – Perri Meka
– Red Line Racing Oils – Brian Autonovich
– Retreat Caravans – Sam and Shanoll Kaptan
– Revolution Racegear – Tulio Salta
– Pittman Truck/Eurospares –
– Pro Trans – Transmissions Systems
– Champion Systems – Crew Outfits
– RWR – Rick Watters Race Engines – Horsepower
– Liberty Gears – Ratios and Gearbox spares.
– Jerry Bickel Race Car Components – Suppliers of tyres and all serious race car supplies – the Grima brothers –
– Retreat Caravans – Great track and on road accommodation.
– Nutrifield – Nutrient fluid manufacturing
– Dandy Engines – Lou Idica
– VPW – Bruno Cugnetto
– Penske Shocks – Pneumatic Shocks and Springs
– Dragster Australia Magazine – Geoff and Denise Crisp

Valuable crew members:
– Tomi Laine – Brains (Tuning Consultant)
– Dave Tucker – Moral Officer.
– Jim Langas – Senior Crew Member – All-rounder and hasn’t missed a pass.
– Mick Falzon – Senior Crew Member – Clutch / Rear End / 4 Link.
– Frank Marchese – Senior Crew Member – engine maintenance and all servicing – rebuilding and all engine prep before event)very important lifeline and back up to Rick Watters.
– Ang Langas – Tyres/Chutes.
– Kylie Macfarlane – Back up to Ang – Tyres/Chutes.
– Zani Resi – National Sales Manager
– Paul ‘Plucka’ Drady – Data analysis and recording – consulting with Tomi Laine.
– Jeff Mather
– Ryan Corfield – Public Relations
– Fiona Crisp – Pit Lane.
– Hayley Turns – Photography.
– Craig Rosevear – Deputy Site Manager.
– Rob Moorcroft – Site Manager.
– Aaron Moorcroft – Jnr Site Manager.
– Jeff – Union Delegate and Watchout.
– Spencer – Security.
– Sales – Karen Spencer, Trinity Auld, Nana Cath, Rochelle, Josey Peroni, and my sisters Virginia and Mia.

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