Ben Bray leaves hospital

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Team Bray Racing is pleased to report that following his recent accident, Ben Bray has been released from hospital to continue his recovery process at home.

After the Saturday 7 June incident – which saw Ben’s Nissan Altima hit the track wall of Willowbank Raceway and roll his – the three-time ANDRA champion was transferred to hospital in a stable condition where he remained with back and rib injuries until given the all clear by doctors yesterday to continue his recovery at home.

Ben has been fitted with a full body brace which allows him restricted movement as he embarks on a strict rehabilitation program over the coming two to three months.

“I still have to be careful, I can’t lift anything or walk up stairs as I’m not really stable on my feet yet, and I have to be careful to avoid big steps as I can’t risk ‘twisting’ my back – I guess it is a bit like being a kid again – taking baby steps!” said Ben Bray.

“I am happy to be able to come home to start my rehabilitation, to be back home with my fiancé Sam and my kids Zak and Dakoda especially is really great – Sam has been by my bedside day and night and I can’t thank her enough for her never-ending support.”

Ben’s father and six-time back-to-back Top Doorslammer champion Victor Bray said he was relieved to see his son come home.

“Ben is definitely happy to be home and is complying with doctor’s orders,” said Victor Bray.

“He is going to have to have the full body brace for the next two to three months as his back repairs itself, and he has a specialised bed and other equipment at home now too to help the process.

“All in all, the progress is very promising and we are very thankful for the staff at the PA Hospital who have been fantastic and very supportive of Ben and all of the Bray family.”

The Brays have been overwhelmed since the accident by thousands of messages coming in online and through the hospital.

“We have been very humbled by the sheer amount of support for Ben and for our family, Ben in particular has been very taken aback by the support and I know it has meant a lot to him,” said Victor Bray.

“Now that Ben is home, the best way for people still wishing to send their messages of support while Ben continues his recovery process is through the online message board at the Team Bray Racing website, he is reading them all and they are very much appreciated.”

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