Best of YouTube from the 2011 Fuchs Nationals

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Sydney Dragway’s Fuchs Nationals presented plenty of hot action on the track, some of which has since made it online. Here are some of the best YouTube clips we found from the weekend.





On board with Chris Soldatos during his outa-nowhere 7.04.



About all the Top Fuel action you can handle in one clip.



Grant Williams crashes his Ford Probe. This was one of those accidents that didn’t look horrendous (although still bad) but was pretty nasty on the inside! We hope Grant is on the mend.



On board with Paul Stephen’s altered which gets taken just at the finish line by Dave McGraw.



Good to see a few racers embracing new media, here’s Maurice Fabietti doing a qualifying report. Great idea. Here’s a few more hits for you, Maurice.



And highlight of the weekend for many, Rob Campisi’s world record 206MPH pass the first sedan in the world to achieve the feat.


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