Blaze Hansen’s turbocharged Bat-bike makes debut

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One of the wildest looking drag racing motorcycles to ever be built in Australia has made its debut, with Blaze Hansen recently testing his turbocharged Top Bike at Willowbank Raceway.

Using the Hayabusa engine from his crazy little CC/Modified Dragster, Hansen said that he was very happy with his first launches on the motorcycle.

“As far as how the bike rode, handled and performed, despite a clutch issue we’re ecstatic,” he said. “It was a big learning curve and experience to even tow it around the pits but on track it’s running straight and responding to most of the input I’m giving it.”

The bike uses a standard displacement 1340cc Suzuki Hayabusa motor with a Precision 62/62 turbo. Hansen estimates power in the 600-650hp range.

“We run a Vipec ECU tuned by Rob Novak from Definition Motorsport and a Hays lock up clutch. The chassis is all built in house,” he said.

Hansen explained that the bike was wearing too much clutch and losing drive in its first runs, but the team expect to resolve the problem quickly.

“The engine and clutch combo is proven from the dragster so we are confident our issue lies in the hydraulic system before the engine. But hey, what would bringing out a new set up be without some teething issues?”

The team are planning to do a little more testing before the Winternationals where they will take on nitro-fuelled opponents such as Chris Matheson and Mark Drew.

“Our ultimate goal is to be able to run competitively in Top Bike,” Hansen said. “We don’t have the power or the cubes of the big nitro boys but we are from a bracket racing background where consistency and reactions are paramount.

“To run into the middle sixes eventually and keep the heavy hitters honest with consistent runs and good lights would be a huge achievement for us in itself.”

Check out some video of the bike below.


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