Blower versus Turbo – NCS round one report

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MattGrubisa BVT 707 220314 10
A new look NSW Championship at Sydney Dragway nearly dodged the weather bullet but it was not to be with the wet stuff falling as finals approached.  However there was still a load of action to report on as the track looks to ramp up the excitement at this series.

RobertCampisi BVT 2273 220314 11

ZoranGajic BVT 3447 220314 10
Sydney Dragway has taken the step to try and improve the appeal of each round of the 2014 NSW Championship series with the addition of a feature bracket and some promotion, for round one it would be a Blower vs Turbo Doorslammer headline act.
As stated above rain ended the event around the semi final stage for most competitors, so no brackets had been finalised.
GeorgeRehayem BVT 2825 220314 14

In the Blower vs Turbo Challenge, two of the three round were run and done. The first round saw George Rehayem rocket the rotary to a 6.44 over a tyre smoking Frank Mamone Nova. Johnny Roso and Matt Grubisa in a pair of Camaros saw wheelstands and Roso take the light in his blown version with a 6.50.
RobertCampisi BVT 2273 220314 03
In a all turbo match up Rob Campisi showed he is heading in the right direction with the new setup smashing out a 6.17 at 245MPH downing Michael Haimandos’ much less powerful Mustang’s 7.22 and Zoran Gajic went for a solo blowing tyres off the Gas Motorsport turbo Muzzy.
FrankMamone BVT 670 220314 01

MattGrubisa BVT 707 220314 17
Mamone was shut down in a round two face off with 10.5 nemesis Grubisa who still had issues finding track bite. Roso took his second win with a pedaling 6.74 over Rehayem’s troubled run.
MichaelHaimandos BVT 2748 220314 24
Gajic wrestled the Mustang to a 6.88 but scraped the concrete wall at mid track handing the win to opponent Campisi, while Haimandos dipped into the sixes with a 6.92 at 209MPH. Rain ended the event there, both Roso and Campisi with two wins each would of been going for the title in the third and final racing round.
JohnLammatina TF 3056 220314 31
There was some group one testing as well for those not able to run in a bracket, John Lamattina had the Fuchs Dragster produce some strong early numbers with sixties in the 8.3 range.
MarkMariani TF 3546 220314 08
What was meant to be only a launch for Mark Mariani felt so good that Mariani kept the boot in past half track to clock a 5.22.
DamienHarris TF 526 220314 09
Damien Harris testing the Rapisarda team car produced a early shut down 4.91, though the short time numbers were nothing on the Lamattina ride.
EmilioSpinozzi PRO 414 220314 13
A 7.09 in not so pleasant conditions has the Spinozzi Camaro heading the right way under the guidance of Michael Marriot.
ToddHinkley PSM 3894 220314 06
West Aussie Tony Hinkley made his first passes aboard the Grima Buell, Hinkley will be the rider of choice for the team.
GeoffGradden TD 1936 220314 18
There was only three cars in Top Comp, Geoff Gradden’s Top Doorslammer the quickest in qualifying with a not so clean 6.57 (6.34IN).
MarkBelleri TD 67 220314 07
In eliminations Gradden and Mark Belleri who was having a steer of Fabietti’s Holden had a pedalfest with Gradden making the best of it, 6.59 to 6.62.
MarkHinchelwood TAFC 3095 220314 03
Mark Hinchelwood went 6.02 on a solo in the Sainty TA/FC, a personal best to date. The final was not completed.
DomenicRigoli CCSM 1769 220314 23
Super Comp saw Dom Rigoli out in front in qualifying with a 7.01 (-.641) in his CC/SM Eclipse.
FredSolieman AMPA 2709 220314 13
Rigoli would have a solo into the semis, Fred Soleiman was well under the A/MPA index with his GTO running 8.29 (8.82) in defeating Garry Watterson’s B/GA ex Pro Stocker. Clint George moved into the semis with the B/APA Cavalier when opposition Eyad Shalabi’s RX3 had problems.
ClintGeorge BAPA 1509 220314 12
George received a single into the final and Rigoli defeated Solieman 7.08 (7.43) to a 8.36 (8.56) to make up the rest of the final had it been run.
AndrewHodgson SCO 3697 220314 22
The “Avenger” funny car of Andrew Hodgson led a nine car Top Outlaws field with a 6.67.
AdamFairbairn SCO 38 220314 12
Top Outlaws were running a three round format featuring a compulsory qualifier, elimination round with the best performers going to an A and B final, and for extra spice, racing is on a handicapped pro tree.
JeffPenton SCO 739 220314 06
In the elimination round, Hodgson defeated a wildly out of shape John Ward as the track conditions deteriorated, Dearne Stephen overcame a massive holeshot pass Greg Smith’s loose altered.  Norm McCormack did his best to keep the FED in the lane but could not, handing the win to Jeff Penton and Michael Watkins had a single with AJ Fairbairn unable to make the startline.
MikeWatkins SCO 1523 220314 16
Had the finals been run we would of seen Hodgson face Penton in the A final, and the B final was to be Watkins and Stephen.
CraigHanley WB 441 220314 10

StevenGreentree WB 2012 220314 07
The Wild Bunch boys were running a points based round robin format over three rounds of racing. In round one Craig Hanley, Tony Avati, Ben Gatt and number one qualifier Steve Greentree in the hearse grabbed victories.
GeorgeKanalis WB 4005 220314 17

TimMcCarthy WB 1565 220314 08
Round two saw Avati, Hanley and Greentree all pick up another win along with Anthony Bool in his XF Falcon, and that is where racing was ended.
MichaelKalaitzakis TSAA 5565 220314 19
Heading Top Sportsman Michael “Stix” Kalaitzakis thumped out a 7.47 from the big block turbo Supra, all on radials, Stix would go 7.25 at 206MPH in round one on a lose.
BrettBalfour TSA 1411 220314 02
The gorgeous Nova of Brett Balfour was the culprit eliminating the Supra and was now in the semi final against Neil Constantinou driving the old man’s Mustang. Constantinou would go through to the would be final on a holeshot.
NeilConstantinou TSA 427 220314 01

RonniePalumbo TSA 5353 220314 12
Oddly enough also driving their father’s car was Ronnie Palumbo in I think his first outing in competition, reached the final to face the veteran Constantinou.
AdamMurphy AAMA 2434 220314 27

AndrewMusgrave AAMA 316 220314 12
Modified was boasting a healthy 19 entries with the influx of a number of new racers. A couple of wild altereds owned qualifying, Andrew Musgrave has been turning the boost up and laid down a 6.49 to be the quickest, while newcomer Adam Murrihy from the Northern Territory took possession of the now ex Shannon Gaddes altered for a 6.77.
TimNielsen AMD 1615 220314 08
Murrihy proceeded to win races reaching round three which he had in the bag when Tim Nielsen nabbed a -.001 red light only to watch the blown beast cross the centreline reversing the result.
ScottArneil AMA 4490 220314 12

PeterBrown AMD 1673 220314 12
That piece of luck sent Nielsen to the semi final where he was to face Scott Arneil’s altered. Peter Brown looking to challenge again for the State Championship would have had a single into the Modified final.
GordonTaylor SSA 1436 220314 09
Super Sedan during the NSW Championship Series now runs between 9.00 and 10.99 seconds, cars any quicker must run in Top Sportsman, Gordan Taylor top qualified with a 9.07.
JamesBarnes SSA 3684 220314 04
Racing was stopped in the fourth round, still in competition was Ray Fairfull, Elise Taylor, Andrew Constantinou, Jim Denaro and James Barnes making the most of his new car after a jump up from Super Street.
AnthonyPanetta SG 1188 220314 02
A 9.902 kept Anthony Panetta in the Super Gas top slot.
RoyRomeo SG 2900 220314 04
Panetta would carry the good form into the final where he was to face Roy Romeo, but Mother Nature had other ideas.
CarlAskew AAMB 5427 220314 07

AlexBorg AAMB 737 220314 14
Modified Bike is another bracket building momentum, on the back of Bike Nights and a strong Street Bike bracket we are seeing more and more riders stepping up and having a go at competition.  One new comer in Carl Askew has a serious nitrous bike at his controls, clocking 7.58 in qualifying just edging out Alex Borg’s turbo no bar ‘Busa with a 7.64.
MatthewHunt BMB 4243 220314 15

PeterStrudwick AMB 1139 220314 06
We were left with an unfinished final too in Modified Bike, Track Champion Matthew Hunt was there again aboard his Kawasaki ready to face Peter Strudwick’s Destroyer.
ChrisHolland SST 1470 220314 14
A epic 33 car Super Street field fought it out down to the semis, though Chris Holland was fighting gravity in his beetle.
CarlTaylor SST 409 220314 20
Left in the uncompleted semi finals was Colin Boyd’s Chevelle taking on National Champion Carl Taylor and his ’62 Chev Bubbletop in a American Muscle throw down.
MichealWalsh SST 1422 220314 07
Conversely an all Aussie metal dual in the other semi with Mick Walsh’s Commodore against David Matosevic’s Cortina.
MadalenWhyte JD 5298 220314 29
Talking about booming brackets, they continue in Junior Dragster and despite the age cull each year, there were still 20 on hand at round one. Madalen Whyte who is one of the debutantes top qualified with a 8.009.
EmmaHazzard JD 1210 220314 13
Racing reached the semi final phase which had Jack Hazzard with a free pass into the final on a solo, and sister Emma who is the reigning Track Champion would have been facing David Roberts.
ClintNewbould SF 4514 220314 13
Into the overflowing street classes now, Clint Newbould topped the Street Fighter class with a 13.13 from his V8 Sigma.
AdrianaMacCaskell SF 3708 220314 18BelindaWelch SF 4458 220314 08
Racing was halted in the semi finals, former Junior Dragster pilot Adriana MacCaskell was to meet Stephen Anderson and defending champion Belinda Welch had a solo.
MattLisle SB 1777 220314 02
On two wheels Matt Lisle was the quickest with a 10.22 in Street Bike qualifying.
WayneOdgers SB 5634 220314 03

WayneOdgers SB 5634 220314 07
Wayne Odgers put in his membership to the bike burnout stack club, but got over it quickly.
WillDavey SB 5682 220314 06
Will Davey another of the debutantes found himself facing Evan Murray for a final birth and Joe Khoury on the Harley would have a single in the washed out semi finals.
AllanDoorman HAGR 1211 220314 16

JeffreyDanglmaier HAGR 2298 220314 11
The final class on show today was those HAMBsters, running a three round Chicago Shootout format, Allan Doorman and Jeff Danglmaier both had two wins from two races going to the final segment.

Well that is a wrap for this event, the next round of the NSW Championship will feature the introduction of the Outlaw 10.5 class.

Check out the epic event gallery by clicking NEXT and be track side for round two!

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