Bray’s clean sweep Townsville Slamfest

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Quickfire results from Slamfest in Townsville, one of the final events before the track closes next month.


1 Ben Bray 4.459
2 Gary Phillips 4.523
3 Peter Kapiris 4.550
4 Victor Bray 4.782
5 Maurice Fabietti 5.001
6 Russell Pavey 5.028
7 Frank Mamone 6.346

Round 1

Ben Bray 4.33
Gary Phillips 4.38 def Frank Mamone 5.638
Victor Bray 4.546 def Maurice Fabietti 5.205
Russ Pavey 4.589 def Peter Kapiris

Semi Final

Victor Bray 4.341 def Gary Phillips 4.316
Ben Bray 4.248 def Russ Pavey 4.437


Ben Bray 4.232 166.66 def Victor Bray 7.168 62.58

Next round of the slamfest is on 11th August 2012 at Benaraby Raceway.

The Slamfest series then moves to Hidden Valley.

The Hidden Valley event will have DNA’s CiL (cover it live) interactive coverage on hand to bring fans all the results as they happen.

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