BREAKING NEWS – Santo’s Super 3 Extreme Drag Race cancelled

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With a poor weather forecast for the coming weekend around Brisbane, the Santo’s Super 3 Extreme Drag Race has been cancelled.

The event is believed to have been completely cancelled, rather than postponed.

The following statement was released to racers:

“Due to a worsening weather forecast for Saturday in our area (90% chance of showers and storms) we have made the reluctant decision today to cancel the Santo’s Super 3 event on Easter Saturday.

In addition to the poor forecast for Easter Saturday, we have showers forecast through the rest of this week, making it next to impossible to have the venue properly prepared for the event.

Making an early decision like this has not been done lightly but we believe that it gives you all an opportunity to change your plans and minimise any costs.

To say that we are disappointed is an understatement – we love this event and the way it shows our great sport off to the spectators. However, given the weather forecast the decision to cancel is the only sensible course of action.

We wish you all well for an unexpected Easter at home, look forward to seeing you here again soon and also to staging a great Santo’s Super 3 with you all next year.

We have a lot of people to advise and plans to change but we’ll get organised in regard to return of your entry fees over the next couple of days.”


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