Buddah Racing team gets set for 2010/2011 racing season

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As the 2009/10 National Championship comes to an end, Mackay racer Gary Brett and his team, Buddah Racing Team (BRT) are getting set to debut a new Super Sedan, as they begin to stage for the 2010/2011 racing season.

Gary and BRT have been sidelined for the last 2 years building the new car, after a spectacular crash at the 2008 Willowbank Winternationals in Brisbane.

Suspension failure in 2008 saw Gary roll the car 12 times as he crossed the finish line traveling at 150 mph, but thankfully the high level of safety in ANDRA Drag Racing and within the BRT itself, Gary was able to walk away with only a few cuts and bruises. Unfortunately this caused the BRT to be sidelined while a new car was built.

Two years on, Gary and the BRT crew debuted the new setup at the Nostalgia Drags hosted by Palmyra Dragway on the 26th of June with a best of 8.35 ET and 162 mph

The 1989 model bodied Pontiac Trans Am running a 540 big block Chev, is sure to turn a few heads with the custom House of Color paint job from Smick Auto’s.

BRT would like to quickly thank their sponsors Smick Auto’s, Muffler Shop Mackay, Hardy Spicer and Brimrose Lubricants, as well as John “Smithy” Smith and Steve “Devo” Dale for all their help with setting up the new car and look forward to an exciting race season.

Past years have seen Gary a strong competitor in the national championship, with the new set up, BRT will be stronger than ever, and definitely one to watch out for in the 2010/11 national race series.

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