Bumble Bee adds more sting to funny car field

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One of Queensland’s biggest drag racing teams, DBS Motorsport has added another car to the fleet with young superstar driver, Jake Donnelly, taking the wheel of the newly completed Bubble Bee Camaro.

Despite his year’s Jake is an experience campaigner having raced in Supercharged Outlaws after starting in Junior Dragster.

The late-model Camaro showed it’s full potential after a successful test at Willowbank Raceway with Jake immediately putting down some scorching passes.

The team got the car down the track on debut with some very quick and fast passes, in fact, Donnelly’s first session on the car netted a very quick 5.89-second pass at just under 330kph.The speed is down on the 400kph, which the car is capable of, which also means there is more to come in terms of outright performance.

Jake explains, “I was off of the throttle at 1000ft, so we coasted down the last part of the track.”

“There is more in it yet, that was just testing, we want to win some races, that’s what we are here for” smiled the 19 year old.

“We have found our home in this series and we are committed to racing this car all around Australia.

“We race as a family and to be racing nitro is a dream for all of us, I can’t wait to get back in the car and get amongst the action with all of the guys.

“Everyone in this series gets a long but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to beat them. Badly!” laughed Donnelly.

The Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Car show now heads to Willowbank Raceway followed by the series finale at Sydney Dragway.


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