Calder Park update – no change

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CalderPark 201110 08

Calder Park has posted a statement on their Facebook page updating the current situation for much awaited track upgrades – unfortunatley no news is still no news.

Statement reads:

“Just a quick update on whats happening at Calder Park Raceway and the anticipated track upgrades as a heap of people keep asking every day for an update (which we can understand).

Please understand that its not that we dont want to keep people up-to-date, but there have not been any new updates to advise people on.

There is no change since our last communication, and we are still being advised that the track upgrades are still happening, but do not have any firm dates of when, so please stay positive even though it is taking some time. Please dont pay attention to all the rumors that are being festered around.

We do understand that the frustrating thing is that we could have been running street meetings, etc had we all known we would be here today. Now with the winter approaching its not the ideal period to be planing events.

Be assured that as soon as there are any news (positive or negative) we will advise everyone right away, but try to stay patient and positive.”


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