California Hot Rod Reunion’s Australian influence

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Several Australians are representing ‘down under’ at the annual California Hot Rod Reunion, held at Famoso Raceway in Bakersfield.

Here’s a quick few spotted so far at the event.


Ash Marshall’s Scorcher, the 200mph barrier breaker, was on display and will take part in the Cacklefest on Saturday night.


Steve Easton slammed out a 5.77 but then the rods came out of the motor, igniting a brief fire in Bob Godfrey’s aptly named Burnin’ Money. Fortunately the fire was out quickly and the team has a replacement motor going in for the second qualifying session. The run was the quickest the team has yet made but was disqualified due to the oil down.


Bazz Young’s Down Under Thunder takes inspiration from ten years the English-born driver spent in Australia. Young moved to the USA in 2007 where he has since been able to pursue his nitro dreams. Young’s 6.22 currently has him in 18th place, outside the 6.18 bump spot. A huge 29 cars Nitro Funny Cars are attempting to qualify for the 16 car field.


Opposite Young there was plenty of action when the body of ‘Nitro Nick’ was blown into the air following a supercharger backfire.

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