Call out! Grudge Kings set for launch

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Grudge racing’s popularity in Australia continues to grow with Grudge Kings the latest series looking to get off the ground.

Po Tung, who enjoys running the grudge style with his Toyota Supra, is the man behind this concept and said that they are looking to find the quickest 20 street cars based in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to form a top 20 listing in each city, with monthly race meetings to see positions change hands between racers on a callout system.

“Once the list is established, anyone wishing to join the list would have to race other drivers also wishing to get on in a shark pool before challenging for the number 20 spot,” Tung said.

“Once the list is established in each state, we will then hold a tri-state State of Origin style cash day where the 60 cars will come together and battle it out, with the winner taking home a large pot of money and a billet crown for their bragging rights.”

The racing will take place over an eighth mile and be win lights only. The first event has been set down for Sydney Dragway on July 24. 

Tung explained that Grudge Kings will also have a Pure Grudge class where you can bring your tough race car and pick who ever you want to race, or get paired up with cars with different engine or chassis combinations based on ET. There will also be a Sydney Street Outlaw class for restricted street cars to drive to the track, race and drive home. Both of those classes will be quarter mile and timed.

The series may yet expand with plans afoot for new regions if the first three are successful.

“We have also partnered with north Queensland and New Zealand partners to extend the series in the future,” Tung said.

There are a number of Facebook groups set up for each state, the Sydney one has plenty of action going on and a list of rules, check it out at


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