Campo begins the taming of 4000HP

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Rob Campisi is back with the once worlds fastest doorslammer ready to shake the world up again. The Mustang now boasts the first all billet Hemi in Australia that smashes out over 4000 ponies.


The Mike Moran designed creation is 670cubes all billet aluminium with twin huffers, check out this time lapse video of its construction.



Campo has hit the track in the past week with a series of launches, most resulting in severe tyre shake but have yielded a .993 second sixty, this Mustang will fly!.

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The Australian turbo ET mark just fell to Zoran Gajic with a 5.954 a shade quicker than the Campo, while the world speed mark sits at 262.49 MPH.


Video of Campisi’s testing so far and shots of the Moran billet Aluminum masterwork.



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