Canadian 10.5 on the rise

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In drag racing’s fast street car genre — the Outlaw 10.5 category is certainly well worth fan attention and some Ontario-based drag racers are helping to take that class to a higher level within Canada.

Outlaw1-300x282Outlaw 10.5 racing is a bit outside of drag racing’s mainstream.  It is a highly creative class where innovation and high technology is used by participating team’s to balance out rather ridiculous horsepower capability all using a restrictive common denominator (10.5 inch tyre width) in a winner take all scenario.  It is a class where the word “management” is truly key.

Led by Toronto-area racers Nick Agostino (Markham) and Tony Basso (a.k.a. Presto) from Oakville, this racing duo are at the Canadian forefront for this type of drag racing. During early 2013, the pair helped to form a new Canadian drag racing circuit – the Outlaw 10.5 Association — and the response to that move has been impressive on all fronts.

“Our new Outlaw 10.5 Association started this year and it evolved from the OSCA (Ontario Street Car Association),” stated Agostino, who is also the owner and operator of highly reputed Agostino Racing Engines. “In the OSCA the Super Street class fell apart a bit over the past 3-4 years mostly because of drifting rules. Tony and I sat down and realized we had to do something. Guys like us were then running our cars in some EZ Street trim, but in actuality these cars are not really built to run that. So we set up a new organisation – put together some sponsors and scheduled four races.”

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