Catalano becomes an Outlaw again

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Shane Catalano and the Catalano Family Racing team have decided to take a step back to Supercharged Outlaw trim until they can find the corporate support to be a player in Top Doorslammer.

Catalano tested the car on the weekend at Perth Motorplex and the team were left as happy campers with the Rude Stude now behaving itself handling wise.

“It goes against the grain, but for the first time I’ve taken power out of a car,” Shane said in jest.

The team hit a 6.55/220 and a 6.65/212 with an early shut off in their testing, which will mean the Studebaker is right on the money to be at the fast end of Outlaws.

“Saturday saw the fuel shut off rattle off causing a lean out. Luckily after pulling the engine down, there was no damage,” Shane said.

“With the engine back together and mods to the fuel shut off to prevent a repeat, we were ready for Sunday. We backed the clutch off a little and made a soft 6.55/220 pass with a controllable car. This made not only myself, but the whole crew very happy.

“We decided to try to back it up and left the tune up alone. 6.65/212 shutting off at 6.1 seconds was the result. Happy with that we called it a day.”

Shane said that he hopes one day they can come back in Doorslammer mode.

“As with all teams we are on the lookout for corporate support to step back up to Slammer,” he said.

Supercharged Outlaws is not exactly new territory for the team, as the family spent much time campaigning their big, pink Charger in the bracket.


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