Celebrating 20 years of Sport Compact

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The Sport Compact Group continues to set the pace in the world of Sport Compact Drag Racing with the addition of some key new personnel to focus on the Marketing and Development of the Category.

The new look team led by Managing Director, Ray Box, sees a streamlined approach to organisation and planning, with Ray buying out his business partners and focusing all his energy on the Sport Compact Group brand.

It was a logical evolution for the company which has grown from humble beginnings into “…something of a monster” says Ray, who acknowledges its ability to consume whole lives and vast quantities of time.

“It takes real passion to drive events like Jamboree and it’s hard to maintain that level of commitment when you have a full-time career as well, it just made sense for my partners to move on and for me to increase my stake-holding to the same level that my commitment has been running at for many years.” he said

A new recruit, Marketing and Sponsorship Manager – Dean Mesh, will focus on developing new frameworks, marketing opportunities and delivery mediums for all existing Sponsors and Partners domestically here in Australia; and in 2011 will commence looking at offshore opportunities for the brand, particularly in the United states.

“20 years is an eternity in the Motorsport Industry, things change every week, so the accomplishments of this business over that period of time are all the more astounding. This is a business that has grown organically over two decades into the global benchmark for the Industry,” said Mr Mesh, commenting on the future of Drag Racing in Australia.

“The same technology that scared people 20 years ago has been embraced by the digital generation, Fuel Injection, Engine Management, Turbochargers; and the youth of today are more defined by their cars than any previous generation. The car they drive makes a very personal statement about who they are as individuals and groups,” Mesh continued.

With the largest Sport Compact Event in the world and the two leading Events here in Australia, The Sport Compact Group is positioned at the cutting edge of the Global Motorsport Industry and is poised to take advantage of it.

“This is a strong brand internationally, as well as domestically here in Australia. We have a number of Sponsors that have expressed interest in looking at new opportunities offshore over the next couple of years and we also want to explore the online broadcasting opportunities that exist for international audiences in the US, Europe, Middle East; and of course Asia as well as here at home” said Mr Mesh.

Perhaps most importantly, Founding Director – Ray Box, is also ramping up activity for current Sponsors with dedicated staff capable of delivering a more comprehensive creative package.

“We’ve always worked hard to service the needs of our Sponsors, but our new team can offer a stronger return on investment through more a focused marketing effort,” says Ray, who up until now has been shouldering the bulk of the workload himself.

“There are so many opportunities we’ve just never had the time to explore, it’s time we took advantage of those opportunities and offered them to those Sponsors who can best utilise them as tools to continue driving the market forward. We searched the whole country to come up with the best people for the job and I’m confident we can take the whole game to another level now and expand our interests here in Australia as our first priority, then look at what’s open for us Internationally,” he said.

With 20 years of Jamboree to celebrate in 2010 there’s plenty to keep the new team busy and a number of surprises in store for the legion of die-hard Jamboree fans. This years Jamboree promises to be the biggest ever with International Race Teams bringing the heat and a revamped off-track schedule that will satisfy what is expected to be another record crowd. With a prime-time broadcast slot in the bag, inter-state fans will have the best ever coverage of the event and a DVD with bonus footage will hit the shelves shortly afterward.


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