Churchill Comeback

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NSW Supercharged Outlaws racer Lindsay Churchill is about to return after a bizarre accident.

Churchill’s 1957 Chev careered out of control after a start up procedure went disastrously wrong when the throttle was jammed open.

“What went wrong was we forgot the squirter bottle and we had to use a different one,” said Churchill

“When the fuel was squirted in, the butterflies shut and and snapped the tip off the bottle which held the butterflies open that little bit. That was the cause of the accident.”

The Chev collected a safety barrier, track equipment and also hitting the track wall before plowing on to the track side grass before Churchill had the car stopped.

“The car’s chassis was repaired by Dave Erickson form Wetherill Park Performance Center, the body was done by a friend Adrian at his panel shop,” said Churchill

“The body’s rear right hand quarter panel was heavily damaged, the front needed a lot of work also.

“We would like to thank everyone for there help in the rebuild process and the track crew, thanks to everyone and we will be back in the next couple of weeks.”


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