Competition breeds innovation for Gulf Western Oil

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In the heat of competition and extremes of drag racing, you need an engine lubrication solution you can rely on for maximum protection at all times. For 30 years, Australia’s largest locally owned lubricants manufacturer Gulf Western Oil has worked on the philosophy that competition breeds innovation, and through motorsport it puts this theory to good use with their all-new Comp-R racing engine oil range.

Managing directors of Gulf Western Oil, brothers Ben and Andrew Vicary, are longtime drag racing fans, and their company has been delivering solid engine lubrication solutions to teams like Stan and Terry Sainty’s Top Fuel outfit for well over a decade now. With the company growing from strength to strength, the Vicary brothers decided it was time to step things up a little with their motorsport program, partnering with Victor and Ben Bray in 2016 for Top Doorslammer, and later joining Rachelle Splatt in Top Fuel. Other Gulf Western users include Adam Layton in Top Bike, Rod Harvey in Factory Xtreme, and most recently Peter Xiberras in Top Fuel for the PremiAir Hire team.

Gulf Western’s senior chemist Rob Belic has over 30 years of global oil industry experience and is very passionate about Gulf Western’s latest formulation of racing oils. Being at the forefront during the entire research and development program, he can often be seen at the race track pulling used oil samples from the teams mentioned.

“Our latest Comp-R Range is an evolution of everything we’ve learned over the years and is perfectly at home either on the road or race track, compatible with all road fuels, avgas, methanol and even nitro methane,” he said. “Comp R provides exceptional engine protection and wear reduction which is further enhanced utilising a specially formulated high-end zinc and moly additive package. There has been no stone unturned in its creation and it is something we’re very proud of, particularly with the continued positive feedback we’re hearing from users that have been involved in the drag racing scene for a very long time.”

Available in various viscosity grades, the Comp-R range covers anything from high tech multi-valve fours, right through to 10,000 horsepower Top Fuel engines.
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