Construction underway at Bairnsdale Dragway

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The rebuilding of Victoria’s regional Bairnsdale Raceway has commenced as Bairnsdale Drag Racing Affiliation President Mike Trahar explains.


 “We are very pleased to announce that construction has finally started on the all new Bairnsdale Dragway,” said Trahar

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“Over the last month or so we’ve gradually been moving buildings, including the canteen, ticket booth, timing tower/media center and other infrastructure to the site in preparation for the beginning of construction.”

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“The staging lanes, burnout area and strip have been leveled and prepared for concrete and this will be poured within the next week or so.

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Once that’s complete we’ll start repairs on the return road and then begin work on the pit area.”


“It has taken some time to get to this point because of unexpected hurdles. However, the diligence and patience displayed by everyone involved has helped lay the administrative and legal foundation for what will be an excellent facility for spectators and competitors alike.”





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