Converter challenges for Team Bray

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This season has been a work in progress for Team Bray as both Victor and son Ben come to terms with new converter set-ups.

For Ben it was understanding what the car wanted and just getting the tune up right. Ben drives several cars with line locks and the change was only minimal for him.

Victor however was a different story. On top of getting the tune up right, Victor had to completely change his driving method from the past 25+ years.

“At first it was difficult getting everything just right every time but with a couple of test days under the belt I seem to be coming to terms with the new setup in the drivers compartment,” said Victor.

“It’s not just the burnout and start line procedure that is entirely different, the braking area regime also takes quite a bit of getting used to. You know what they say about old dogs and new tricks,” he said laughing.

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After testing at Willowbank Raceway between rounds, this weekend at Calder Park TBR is aiming to bounce back in the hopes the current short-term pain will bring long-term gain.

“We are certainly hoping so,” added Bray. “The change has no doubt cost us positions in the championship but we intend to push on.”

“Going to the two Perth rounds without any real testing on the converter set-ups wasn’t our preferred start to the season but we were pushed into that situation by circumstances.”

Regardless of the setup, the Calder Park Raceway track will be the same for everyone and both Victor and Ben are expecting a good surface.

“There has been plenty of talk regarding the track as far as bumps and the level of traction we will see there but with Peter Kapiris’ track smudger present combined with the local knowledge of the track prep guys, hopefully we will see a track worthy of the level of the cars attending a national championship round.”

“Getting the extra power to the track will as always be up to the race craft of all the crew chiefs and of course the traction and track conditions that present themselves on the day.”

“As most competitors at the Southern Nationals, we are hoping we get suitable weather and a good crowd as that is important to everyone.”




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