Crash landing for Superman

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The “Superman” RX3 piloted by Nick Tsoltoudis so named for habitually carrying the front wheels across the finish line looked like it had been affected by Kryptonite recently.


The once World Record breaking RX3 had just been refurbished and was back on track before succumbing to several bizarre incidents.

It started during a private test day at Sydney Dragway, when the RX3 at relatively low speed went wildly out of shape and nearly tipped over.

Two days later at a round of the NSW Championship, it happened again, this time the RX3 completely fell over on to its side. Tsoltoudis was uninjured, and the car will need some cosmetic application but apart from that was fine.

So what happened?

Nick thinks one of the front shock or shock’s may have been damaged towing back from Jamboree when the car last raced causing the violent unstable circumstance he found himself in.

Here is the in car video provide by Nick.

Image by Ryan Corfield

Video by Fast Performance Video and Nick Tsoltoudis



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