Crazy altered wheelie

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PaulLinnett ME 5278 110916 12

NSW racer Paul Linnett received more than he bargained for on this pass at the Nostalgia Drags last weekend at Sydney Dragway.

Linnett is relatively new to this altered – those may remember the car was previously owned by Darryl Marsh in QLD – and after a few trials and tribulations in sorting the chassis after bouts of serious shake, the team have had it running sweet.

Unfortunately the altered seems to have had one more surprise install.

On Linnett’s second pass at last weekend’s Nostalgia event, the wheelie bar cried enough and broke right on the launch sending the altered skyward. The landing wasn’t pretty with the altered slightly suffering some more toe-in than it had before the run, but hopefully Linnett will be fix it up and be back out in no time.

The below wheelstand sequence was captured by Grant Stephens for Drag News Magazine and Cackling Pipes – we have not seen any video yet of the incident, let us know if you have any.

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