Czerny recovering after top end accident at Mildura

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Reigning ANDRA Modified Champion Matt Czerny has returned home from hospital following a high speed braking area crash at Mildura’s Sunset Strip Nats on Sunday.

Czerny was knocked out in the accident and was treated for bruising and swelling to the face on Sunday, before being released Monday.

“I was knocked unconscious for a few minutes,” Czerny explained. “A few racers were on the scene real quick and helped me out of the car.

“It felt like I had two seconds before the car reached the end of the braking area. Luckily I had my visor down the whole time, as I do on every pass, and it saved me – I got smacked in the visor by some trees that would have made a real mess if I left it up.

“I remember getting dragged out of the car and then standing around and seeing a lot of upset people. I’m real sore all over.”

Czerny had just purchased the car on Friday from Matt Forbes, which had formerly been raced by Charlotte Lucas in the USA.

“It was easily the best and safest car I will ever own,” Czerny said. “I bought an SFI approved car and it did its job.”

Fortunately, Czerny was also wearing a HANS device – something he recommends every racer to consider.

Czerny, whose Vinyl Wraps & Graphics business has been behind the looks of many race cars, said he is going to take a break from racing for a while.

“It’s really starting to sink in how lucky I am,” he said. “A lot of older more experienced racers think I shouldn’t be here.”

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