Damian Muscat plans break from nitro racing

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The phoenix is a mythical bird, reborn and regenerated in a continuous cycle from the ashes of its predecessor. Before rebirth, the phoenix dies in a show of flame and combustion.

While we wish Damian Muscat a long and healthy life, the metaphor is somewhat apt for the Mackay, Queensland Top Fuel Motorcycle racer. His drag racing regeneration has come nitro fuelled and he has ridden with flames aplenty, thankfully from the exhaust. But in this blaze the Nitro Phoenix will pass.

We were surprised when Muscat told us that he planned on taking a break from the sport once again and selling his bike after the Winternationals, as no doubt you would be reading this. His performance has been exceptional and he has succeeded quickly where others took years to accomplish their dreams. The rapid ascension is part of the reason why Muscat feels he can leave his drag racing career at a pause.

“We’ve done more than what we ever dreamed of achieving on a bike,” he said. “It’s time to return my interests back into running my business. The time away from the business, whether it be racing or doing the maintenance to keep up the reliability, is really taxing.

“We’ve decided to go out on a high I guess. We will try and do a run at Mackay just to show our local supporters and give them a show because many people in Mackay have got behind us.

“I would never say never to a return. I had been out of it for nearly ten years since the last bike.”

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