Danaher released from hospital after braking area crash – new video added

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Jack Danaher has been released from hospital following a terrifying crash in the braking area of Sydney Dragway over the weekend. First video has been released of the incident.

In a car just purchased from the Braggs family, things looked fine for Danaher until the top end where the supercharged hot rod makes a move and then turns hard right into the wall going into a series of barrel rolls.

Sydney Dragway released a statement today saying Danaher has been released from hospital and was on his way home.

Jack suffered a concussion and a severe amount of bruising but escaped serious injury with all the safety equipment performing as required.

In a double whammy for Danaher, he won the race and would of found himself in the final racing for honour of the Mal Gower Perpetual trophy.

Drag News Australia sends its best wishes to Jack.




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