Day of the Drags 10th year gets nitro surprise

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One of Sydney Dragway’s longest running events, Day of the Drags, is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the event with a nitro present for race fans – side-by-side nitro altered and nostalgia top fuel match racing on March 12!

The nitro hot rods come from the Cowin Family Racing stable, which means guaranteed quick passes from these awesome machines, whilst the nitro-front engine fuel cars are the Norm Longfield beast and AA/Dave machine!

Driven by Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Car regulars, Shane Olive and Rick Gauci. The two drivers have a competitive rivalry that will be sure push the fuel altereds to personal best performances on both sides of the racetrack.

Shane Olive along with the CFR crew has spent time improving the cars for this event, particularly the famous Psycho III nostalgia nitro fuel altered.

Olive explained, “Psycho III has a new engine combination that we will be debuting at the event.

“We have moved away from the Donovan block that the car has run with and put a BAE in there, it should be more reliable.

“Along with the extra power, we have made chassis modifications as well as some larger tyres to make sure we can keep it off the walls,” laughed the Sydney-sider.

“Berzerk is using a similar combination to the funny cars, so we know what we have there and these new upgrades should put Psycho III in a position to take up to Gauci in the Berzerk car.”

Olive added, “Every time that Rick and I are in the lanes together, we want to win! These cars are a different deal and it’s great fun, we want to put on a show for the crowd! Short wheelbase cars and nitro are a recipe for entertainment and I promise you – we will be that!”

Sydney Dragway Chairman, Joseph Rodriquez was glad to have the nitro cars at the event. “Having the two nostalgia fuel cars and the two fuel altereds is a great way to make a good event better- we are so grateful for to Norm, Dave and Graeme!

“But the event will also feature the super cool old-school gassers, hot rods and chrome bumpered classics – as well as much more!”

The Sydney Dragway Chairman concluded, It’s a relaxed day, come and enjoy plenty of shaded seating with uninterrupted views of the race track from start to finish.

“We will also have a free jumping castle for the kids to play as long as they like.

“And for the adults, not only do you have the racing, their are plenty of trade stands, T-shirts and memorabilia as well as the Shannons Show and Shine – happy days!”

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