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DDM Racing’s Darryl and Daniel Moore will be returning to the Sydney Dragway black top as racing gets underway once again, but now in Modified Altered form.

DDM Racing have retired their previous car – the well known former Graeme Silk dragster – after an adventure into the sand trap, and have been on the look out for a new ride.

Daniel eyed off the ex-Brendon Luke altered which now resided on the other side of the country in WA where it had been owner hopping.

Brendon Luke back in the day
The altered’s look for Holmes Family Racing

“I really liked the car when it was run by Cherie & Brendon Luke back in the 2000s,” said Daniel. “It was sold to Ron Crosby from over in the West who ran it for a while and then later sold to the Holmes Family, and finally sold off to James Kemp, who we purchased it from and brought it back East.”

“I am very excited to be able to own another car that I really liked.”

The well travelled 125in ’32 Bantom bodied altered is now back home at Sydney Dragway decked out with a 343ci 18 degree SBC coupled to a A1 Glide out of the dragster.

The plan is for 8.0s in Modified Eliminator when the car is ready for the track in the New Year.

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