Devil’s Taxi goes retro

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DannyMakdessi210518 08

Danny Makdessi’s blown Valiant, dubbed the “Devil’s Taxi”, is one of the most stunning race cars in the country, and now it has just got cooler.

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Gone is the amazing deep candy apple red that graced the VC Valiant, with Makdessi and the boys at Custom Bodyworks giving the car a complete overhaul in PPG DG Alpine white, a clone of Makdessi’s father’s car back in the day. 

DannyMakdessi210518 02

To complete the new look, the original trims and badging returned.

DannyMakdessi210518 07

Very cool vinyl roof.

DannyMakdessi210518 04

And even an NRMA road service badge that was commonplace in the era.

DannyMakdessi210518 05

We think a sun-visor and venetians could be stylish additions, never-the-less Makdessi improved on perfection.

DannyMakdessi210518 09

DannyMakdessi210518 09

DannyMakdessi210518 09

Makdessi was out on track testing with Brett Gillespie spinning the spanners for the upcoming Grudge Kings event which has a mammoth $50,000 on the line on July 14 at Sydney Dragway.

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