Dixon arrives early for Australian drive

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Three times world Top Fuel champion Larry Dixon flies into Australia tomorrow, ready to be fitted up for the Rapisarda Autosport International dragster he will drive at the Santo’s Cranes Super 3 Extreme Drag Race at Willowbank Raceway on March 29 and 30.

 Dixon told rpm2night.com he was looking forward to the different event format, comprising two championship rounds over two days, and going back to a quarter mile compared to the 1000 feet distance that is now standard in the USA. Other differences Dixon will have to get used to is that ANDRA Top Fuel dragsters do not have an imposed rev limit or automatic shut off devices, leaving much more in the hands of the driver.
“I will have to dig back into the archives of my brain to remember to stay on the throttle for an extra half a second,” he said. “They’re counting on me to do it all so I am pretty excited about that.”
Before racing, Dixon will spend time at the Rapisarda Autosport International workshop in Sydney to acquaint himself with the 8000 horsepower nitro-fuelled dragster he will compete in.
“We are going to arrive on Thursday and on Friday through Tuesday we will set the car up for myself and put in a basic set up that (crew chief) Lee Beard feels comfortable with to get down the race track,” he said. “You’ve just got to give it your best educated guess and once you hit the gas, adjust it from there.”
As well as racing Dixon is going to enjoy the opportunity for a holiday with his family, seeing Australia for the first time.
“The kids are on spring break starting this weekend so we will be able to do Easter down there which will be very exciting, I’m glad I get to spend the holidays with them. Right after Easter we fly back and head to Las Vegas,” he said.
The Santo’s Cranes Super 3 Extreme Drag Race sees double ANDRA championship rounds of Top Fuel and Top Alcohol over two days, with qualifying at 5pm on both days, followed by an elimination round at 7pm and finals at 9pm.
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