DMR run quickest pass at New Years Thunder

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Four-time Australian Top Fuel champion Darren Morgan showed he was in it to win on Saturday, running the quickest pass of the New Years Thunder event at Willowbank Raceway.

DMR’s 10,000 horsepower vehicle ran 4.61 seconds at 521km/h in his final pass of the evening at Willowbank Raceway.

Morgan was keen to test his new AEG Powertools Top Fuel Dragster’s potential following round one of the 400 Thunder Top Fuel Championship at Sydney Dragway in November.

“We are overwhelmed with the new car’s potential,” Morgan said.

“We are excited to be getting close to our goal of having a consecutive 4.50s car.”

Morgan faced Peter Xiberras, Wayne Newby and Damien Harris in a three round format.

Winners were decided by a points system based on race wins and elapsed time rankings with the overall event winner determined by the final race pairing.

Morgan lost to Peter Xiberras in round one, smoking on the hit.

Following round one, AEG Powertools held an Hour-of-Power with an autograph session and lots of giveaways. racemaxdirect products 350

“It was fantastic to have AEG at the event – the crowds loved the AEG t-shirt cannon,” Morgan said.

Round two saw DMR take the win against Damien Harris with a 4.69 second run at 456km/h.

It was the B final against Wayne Newby that saw Morgan run the quickest pass of the entire event in front of a fantastic crowd.

“It was awesome to run the quickest and fastest pass of the event,” Morgan said.

Morgan and his team are now busy getting the car ready ahead of three Bunning’s events beginning on Thursday.

The Top Fuel dragster will be on display at Rocklea Bunnings on Thursday, Blacktown Bunnings on Saturday and Bankstown Bunnings January 19.

Bunnings customers will have the opportunity to experience the power of the dragster with three start-ups set for each Bunnings location.

Morgan will next be competing at Sydney Dragway on January 21 for Round 3 – Santo’s Summer Thunder before competing at Calder Park the following weekend.

– Darren Morgan Press Release


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