Do you need a media release for your team?

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Media releases are a great way to communicate what your team has been up to to a wider audience. If you are trying to keep sponsors happy (or pick up new ones), a media release can help your team get more exposure.

Facebook is great, but the reach is limited to people who already know about your team. By sending out a media release, you can reach new people and increase your profile in the drag racing world.

Writing a press release is not difficult – focus on the usual who/what/where/when/why/how. Answering all those questions is a start! Try to tell a story in your media release and focus on what goes on behind the scenes. Fans know what times you ran already, but they may not know the struggle you faced in the pits or the tune up changes you had to make to get there.

Having a professional write your press release can help. If you would like media releases written for your team, please email

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