Doorslammer Fury – Spring Horsepower Challenge event report

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The sportsman action was impressive, wheelstands galore and some quick passes, racing didn’t finish until the early hours of Sunday morning in the bitter cold so all winners should be commended for their perseverance, unfortunately we don’t have much in the way of detailed results at this time but here is a wrap.

Supercharged Eliminator

Supercharged Eliminator had entrants from a number of states including six from NSW.

The bracket was not completed as after the first round of eliminations the racers decided not continue in the rapidly deteriorating cold conditions.

Andrew Hodgson was one of the NSW brigade to travel down.

Along with John Ward

Luke Shepherd had a lucky escape in the elimination round, running up close to wall the altered turned hard right up on two wheels before Shepherd managed to gather it back up.

Dave McGaw was having similar dramas in the same round plowing down the centreline cones.

Bruno Matjasevic’s HG Monaro in a piece of work

Craig Russo’s Dodge Daytona Funny car is one for the Nostalgia fans.

Kerry Platz Nova was going through a sorting out phase.

Gorgeous new ’37 Chev Coupe of Michal Braggs was proving to be a bit of a handful

Mike Cleary had the Camira out for a skid.

I don’t think Mike Trahar Studebaker has been seen for a decade the car was a formerly run on nitrous in Top Doorslammer

South Aussie Phil Rillotta had the show quality Pontiac on track and ran some quick passes with wheels up launches.

Wayne Talbot has the ex Turner “Purple Haze” fueller setup now for Outlaws duties.

Top Eliminator

Top Eliminator featured a wide mix of quick vehicles 8.99 sec and faster running DYO.

Leanne Braggs defeated all comers in her RX4 to win the bracket.

The Calibra of Ashley Robinson was the runner up.

Chris Berias has swapped the altered for a dragster

Rotor fans had Chris Daltons hard launching RX7 to cheer on

Darren Parker debuted his new GXP, the first pass was just to familiarisation run, walking off the line and running 8.26, the second pass Parker had rev limit issues and seal popped out of the transmission ending his day.

Wheelstanding Valiant of George Hatzi.

Idris Demaj was performing some wicked screwed up launches all event

Ken Stewart launches the new look Fuch’s dragster

Neil Davis’ Camaro really needs to get that lump looked at.

Nino Cavallo was making some home town laps for a change

Something a bit different on track in Ron Laureano’s Ford Mondeo

Stuart McBain was running his new Lumina.

Super Eliminator

Super Eliminator was for pretty much everyone else who could run 10.99 or quicker that didn’t fit into another class

Chris Lioulios was good enough to get through the biggest field at the event to take victory.

Stuart McBain was doing double duties in two eliminators, he was runner here in his more recognisable Gemini.

This turbo Toyota van of Bert Willemsen was off tap cranked out a high 8

South Aussie Bruno Romeo ventured across with his Cortina.

His partner in crime was Dimos Stefanopoulos who recently purchase this Fiat from the Fardella’s in Sydney.

Different state but same wheelstands from New South Welshman Chris Papadopoulos

Chrissie Harper had a backfire, but the shock bang and flames got the better of her needing treatment from the medics after the incident

Enio Marrocco had the little Gemini carrying the wheels a  good distance

Graham Hullah’s little motorcycled powered dragster was mixing it up with the big sedans

Jason Hoctor’s was ripping monster wheelstands all day and winning round after round of racing!

How many Mercedes SL350’s with 350ci Chev’s do you see on the drag strip.

Mick Simic with his Super Stocker clocking some flight time.

Wheelstand’s were not in short supply.

Pro Street

The Pro Street bad boys were asked to attend with the blown and unblown versions of each bracket combined to run heads up.

Domenic Luppino was the class of the field with his low 7 second twin turbo Mustang taking out the class

Sydneysider Craig Hewitt was runner with his nitrous big block VL

Steve Buccella had the front runners dangling with his nitrous LC

Modified Street

A big field of Modified Pro Streeter’s went heads up as well, the smaller tyred counterparts in the Pro Street brigade often produce some wild passes as they find the limits of high horsepower on little rubber

Ali Sead’s Capri tamed cold tricky track to win the bracket.

IN the other lane it was again another Sydney racer in Peter Pronesti trying to manhandle the nitrous big block LC

While Joe Gauci did not win he still owned Mod Street, his twin turbo Cortina at only its second outing slayed national Mod Street Blown record running several 7.4 second passes.

Turbo cars like Paul Cibbotto’s Mustang are really becoming the flavour in Pro Street

Michael Vlasakakis launches hard out of the hole with the Pontiac

Wilson either quick or spectacular, on this pass he was the latter.

Pro Radial

Pro radial was for those Pro Street game enough to bolt on a set of radials.

The Sydneysider got up in this Pro Street bracket with Greg Tsakiridis taking the win light in the final

Milan Opacic was runner with his Centura

Super Street

The traditional Super Street bracket was won by the only NSW racer in the fielding that being Stan Nikitaras defeating Andrew Voudiotis’ Torana, Nikitaras is no stranger to the winners circle back home.


A Nostalgia bracket was posted and won by Andrew Chessells nitrous Chevy beating Tino Scarpaci’s HG Holden

Bill Farrugia showed even the streeters can grab some serious air.

Special mention to the Prapas brothers Nova which was turning heads everywhere.

Modified Bike

Corey Scholes followed on from his winning Pro Series ways this time in DYO by winning the bracket.

Runner up to Scholes was David Carroll on his Kawasaki.

Calder Park does have a lot to learn from this event for future events and will need to if they plan having future events supported.  The effect of having Calder Park somewhat operational on the proposed new stand alone proposal remains to be seen, but after 10 years of drag racing drought its hard to expect the racers to wait any longer to have a skid.

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