Drag News Magazine 56 featuring Justin Walshe now out! – SOLD OUT!

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Drag News Magazine Issue 56 is now out, with a bunch of unique Australian drag racing vehicles that are sure to get your engine racing!

Leading the way is Justin Walshe, whose Pro Alcohol Altered became a world record setter in May. We delve into what it takes to make a misbehaving altered travel the quarter mile in just 5.5 seconds.

Nathan Cooper is blown as well, though the engine in his Gemini is a little more sedate than in Walshe’s altered! That said, it’s still a powerful machine and built with plenty of passion. Find out why Nathan made the switch from a turbocharger and learn more about the cool family history of the car.

Tony Webb is zeroing in on his 275 radial ambitions, with a sweet Torana that turns heads in all the right ways. Though Webb reckons it is just some old tech, this thing is seriously quick!

George Bukureshliev is a long time figure in the Sydney drag racing scene and he recently got back into driving his front engine dragster. What many don’t know about this chassis is the extensive history it has – and it has now been combined with a modern LS powerplant to make it the best of both worlds.

Shifting to two wheels, and we speak with Edge Mallis about his world record holding Kawasaki H2 drag bike. It’s loud and it’s fast! This bike really had a different approach to its build – a great technical read.

Plus, we go behind the scenes with Richard Hartman, the driver of the world’s first four-second altered, and we cover Gulf Western Oil Nitro Thunder from Sydney Dragway.

A subscription to Drag News Magazine is cheap, and one of the best ways to support the sport in Australia. Get one today!

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